Assault Charges Brisbane

If you have been charged with committing an assault, it is vital that you seek representation from an experienced criminal lawyer from the start. The consequences of a conviction for assault can be far-reaching and can have serious impacts on other aspects of your life, such as your employment or ability to hold a blue card. Assaults are taken very serious by the Courts and a person charge with an assault faces serious punishments such as imprisonment.

Whether you’ve been changed with common assault, grievous bodily harm or anything in between, at Hounsell Cunningham we can represent you on this charge and raise any defences available to you. Contact Hounsell Cunningham criminal defence lawyers in Brisbane today for immediate and precise legal representation for your assault charge.

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Are you facing assult charges?

The definition of assault requires a person to have struck, touched, moved or otherwise applied force to any other person, either directly or indirectly, without the other person’s consent. A threat to do any of these acts can also amount to a charge of assault. There are varying degrees of assault charges in Queensland depending on the way in which a person is assaulted, and the injury sustained by the victim. These include:

Common Assault

Common assault is the lowest form of assault charge in Queensland. This is often charged when the victim has suffered minor or no physical injury as a result of the assault

Assault occasioning bodily harm

Assault occasioning bodily harm – is a more serious offence and it arises when a person who is assaulted receives a bodily injury that interferes with health or discomfort.

Serious assault

Serious assault – the most common form of serious assault is an assault committed against a person over the age of 60 or an assault against a police officer acting in the performance of their duties. Often arising when a person is resisting arrest and have either bitten or spat on a police officer.


Wounding – a person is charged with wounding when a victim receives an injuring that results in the breaking of the true skin. This is often seen when a weapon is used in an assault, such as a knife or a bottle.

Grievous bodily harm

Grievous bodily harm – This is a very serious charge. Grievous bodily harm means that the victim has suffered an injury that if left untreated would result in a permanent disfigurement or death.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault – is when the assault of a victim is committed in an indecent way and without the victim’s consent.

Defences to Assault

In some cases, you may have a defence against a criminal charge like assault. A defence may either reduce the charge or may provide a complete defence, which will result in the charges against you being dismissed. We can help you run a defence to ensure the best possible chances of success for your matter. Some common defences are listed below:

  • Provocation – you may have been provoked and were deprived of self-control
  • Self-defence to provoked attack – you may use such force as necessary to defend yourself against an unprovoked attack
  • Self-defence to unprovoked attack – if you provoked an attack you may also use reasonable force to protect yourself
  • Acting in aid of someone else – in any situation where relevant you may in good faith use a similar degree of force in defending another person
  • Defence of movable property – you may use such force as is necessary to defend your movable property (note that this defence not apply for GBH)
  • Defence of premises against trespassers – if you are in possession of land or a place, you may use whatever force is necessary to prevent trespassers or to remove that person (note this does not apply for GBH)
  • Unwilled and accidental acts – you are not responsible for an act that happens independently of your will

How Hounsell Cunningham will help

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