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With the amount of time you spend on the road, it is almost a given that at some point you will receive a traffic infringement for something. When this happens it is disappointing, inconvenient and a good reminder of the importance of safety on the roads.

However, there are times when a lapse in judgement can result in being charged with an offence that requires you to appear in court. These are often offences associated with unlicensed driving, drink driving, drug driving or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Traffic offences are taken very seriously in the Queensland Court system and can often carry hefty fines, lengthy disqualification periods and even imprisonment. The use of an experienced traffic lawyer can often result in no disqualification being imposed or a reduced period of disqualification when disqualification is a mandatory part of your sentence.

When it comes to traffic offences Brisbane, you need representation from our traffic offence lawyers. We understand what is required in court and how to put forward your case to give you the best chances of success. We can also provide you with a realistic assessment of the potential outcome of your matter.

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Traffic Offences Brisbane

At Hounsell Cunningham, we know how important your licence is to you. We understand that any loss of licence can severely impact your ability to derive an income.

This can affect your ability to support yourself and your family and can have devastating consequences for the day-to-day operation of your family unit.

The traffic laws in Queensland are extremely complex, and an experienced traffic lawyer will be invaluable to achieving your desired result.

Our team of traffic lawyers in Brisbane appear in Magistrates Courts throughout Queensland daily, representing clients in relation to drink driving, drug driving offences, work licence applications, special hardship orders, disqualified driving and all other traffic-related offences.

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Defending your charge

Our expert team of traffic lawyers will meticulously defend your rights from charge through to finalisation. We will investigate the charges, negotiate with Police Prosecutions, prepare your matters for Court and speak on your behalf at your hearing to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Our expert traffic lawyers can assist you with any of the following traffic offences Brisbane wide:

  • All Licensing and Traffic Matters – We are your expert traffic lawyers in Brisbane and are here to provide legal representation and support for your traffic and licensing matters.
  • Appeals – A decision has been made, and you believe there is a legal basis for it to be altered – – we can help provide you with advice on an appeal and provide representation in Court.
  • Application for Special Hardship Licence – You may be eligible for a Special Hardship Licence if the loss of your licence will result in you losing your job or getting less work and a lot less pay. We can help you prepare your application and provide guidance to ensure that you maintain your ability to drive.
  • Application for a Work Licence – In some instances, you may be able to seek a work licence (also called a Restricted Licence s87) which allows you to drive solely for work related purposes.
  • Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle – This is a serious criminal offence, also commonly called dangerous driving, and it carries a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment. You must seek early and effective legal representation for this kind of offence to ensure the most favourable outcome for yourself.
  • Disqualified Driving – If you have been charged with driving while disqualified, there are serious penalties you may be facing. Contact our traffic lawyers in Brisbane to ensure your case is managed effectively.
  • Drink Driving – While there are many deterrents in place, Drink Driving is one of the most common traffic offences. We can assist you in your defence and can also help you with an application for a a Work Licence if you are eligible.
  • Driving Demerit Point Suspended – If you have an accumulation of demerit points, you will be sent an ‘Accumulation of Demerit Points Suspension or Notice to Choose’ depending on whether you are on your Learner, Provisional or Open Licence. You can choose between suspension or a good behaviour period, but there are strict conditions. If you have violated a suspension period, it is vital that you contact us for comprehensive representation and avoidance of a potentially long disqualification period.
  • Driving Unlicensed – All drivers must have their licence without exception. If you have been charged with driving unlicensed, our traffic lawyer Brisbane team can assist you in representation and guidance.
  • Driving while SPER Suspended – If you are stopped by the police while you are driving with SPER suspension, you will be charged. It is vital that you seek representation from our traffic lawyers Brisbane team if you have been charged with driving while SPER suspended.
  • Drug Driving – Driving while under the influence of drugs – even if you used the drugs the day before or even earlier – carries a heavy penalty. We can help you to face this charge and will provide representation to ensure that you manage this with the best possible outcome. We can also help you with an application for a Work Licence if you are eligible.
  • Heavy Vehicle Offences – Driving a truck or heavy vehicle comes with a lot of responsibility. You must ensure that if you have been charged with a heavy vehicle offence that you understand the charge and have legal representation from our Brisbane traffic lawyers.
  • Logbook Offences – Understand the fine for logbook offences and find out your rights. We’re here to make this offence clear, and we can help you with this legal matter.
  • Repeat Offender – Unlicensed Driving – Not your first charge? We can provide you with a realistic assessment of the penalty you may be facing and can assist with representation and management of your charge.
  • Speeding – Put the foot down a little too far? We can assist you with speeding charges and provide representation when you need it most.
  • Traffic Infringement Notices – A range of traffic infringements can carry penalties that may surprise you. We’re here to provide you with competent and easy-to-understand legal advice and counsel.

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