Why Having A Lawyer Helps You In Court

Why Having A Lawyer Helps You In Court

Been charged with an offence? Considering going at it alone? We recommend that you think about it for a minute and give us a call. Better yet – read this short article and then make up your own mind. But we can assure you, if you choose to go it alone and end up facing the judge or magistrate on your own, you’re going to wish you had us in your corner.

Read on to learn why having a lawyer helps you in court. And then call us on (07) 3188 5626 or contact us online and one of our expert criminal lawyers will call you back.


Ok… So Not Every Matter Needs A Lawyer

But every matter is different. For example, if you have been charged with drink driving and you need to drive for work, you might be thinking about making an application for a work licence. Simple, right? So do you show up and ask for one? Not quite. That’s where having a lawyer can be a huge benefit to you.

First, if you have a lawyer representing you, you get to appear first in proceedings. That can save you heaps of time – especially if you need to get back to work as soon as possible. Second, a lawyer knows exactly what to do and say when preparing an application for a work licence.

What this means is that a magistrate is going to have everything they need: affidavits, reasons for making an application – everything. While a lawyer might cost you a little bit, you can save big compared to the lost wages you’ll miss out on because you lost your job or because you couldn’t get to work.


Law Is Complicated (But A Lawyer Makes It Easy)

The law is complicated, and appearing in court is a complex process that can cause you more headaches than happiness if you do not know what you are doing. The good thing is that you can hire a lawyer to represent you. With a lawyer, you won’t need to worry about understanding any of the proceedings – your lawyer is going to explain it all to you.

When you have a lawyer in your corner, you have someone who can represent you in your matter and who knows what to say and when to say it. Your lawyer can run a defence on your behalf and will advocate tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome.


Lawyers Know Evidence

In some cases, there will be evidence that has been gathered against you by police. If you do not know how to challenge this evidence, you may miss a golden opportunity to leverage your position.

A lawyer knows what sort of evidence is probative and which is working against you. They can ensure that police do not get away with presenting any weak evidence in your matter.

A lawyer can ensure that testimony or evidence is sufficient and that everything has been handled as it should have been. And if not? They’ll object!


A Magistrate And/Or Judge Appreciates Representation

If there is a chance you could end up with a conviction recorded, it is best to get representation. A judge or magistrate will appreciate the fact that you have taken the matter seriously enough to get legal representation and will treat your matter accordingly.

While there’s nothing to say that a judge will go easier or harder on you with or without legal representation, a lawyer can put forward your matter in a way that is accepted by the court.

Lawyers know the way the court system works, which just makes their jobs easier. This allows court proceedings to flow smoothly. And you definitely want your magistrate in a good mood.


Lawyers Offer You A Free Consultation

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