Why Hounsell Cunningham is the right choice for your criminal defence

Why Hounsell Cunningham is the right choice for your criminal defence

When you see a boxer stepping up to the ring to face his opponent, they are never walking in unprepared. Just like in boxing, a successful criminal defence requires thorough preparation, intense understanding of how the other side is going to hit you, and how you’re going to defend yourself. If you get into the boxing ring without prior preparation, you’re going to get knocked out. Similarly, when facing a criminal charge or if you are in a situation where you need a criminal defence, you need to work with a criminal defence firm who explores all the avenues and who acts as an advocate on your behalf.

At Hounsell Cunningham we know how to run your matter for the best possible result. Contact us today on (07) 3188 5626 to get in touch with Mitchell or Nathan and have a confidential discussion about your criminal matter.

We prepare for your matter

When getting ready to represent you in court, we take the time to research cases, explore your background and circumstances, obtain other evidence that may be of assistance such as references or medical documents that may play a role in your successful defence. We take the time to understand exactly what your criminal charges are and then ensure that any possible avenues of defence are explored and will be ready to counter and argument raised by the prosecution.

  • If you are not yet charged with an offence but would like legal advice, we can assist you and will be there from the start, to ensure you have the best understanding of your matter.

We understand the court process

When going to court, whether it is the Magistrates Court, the District Court or the Supreme Court, it is vital that you are represented by a legal advocate who understands and is experienced across all of these forums. There are forms, processes, and procedures that are required at every juncture and it is beneficial for your peace of mind to work with a representative who can steer you through this seamlessly.

  • We are experienced in pleas of guilty, trials, committal hearings, pretrial procedure and appeals, which means that you will have the best possible chance of a favourable outcome
  • You can be assured of confident and comprehensive representation from our legal team; and if your matter requires the services of a barrister, we have a working relationship with Queensland’s best criminal law barrister to assist with your matter

We take the time to ensure you know your options

We know that in many cases you will be seeking legal representation because your freedom is at stake. We respect and acknowledge this fact, and we take the responsibility of helping you very seriously. When you work with us, you can trust us to handle your matter with the care that it requires. We have a duty of care to provide you with the best possible legal representation and will fully commit to your representation.

  • We won’t use ‘legalese’ and will ensure that you understand all responsibilities and possible outcomes
  • You will always know what your options are and will be able to control the process

We respect our role as your advocate

At Hounsell Cunningham we are committed to your criminal defence. We are Brisbane lawyers and advocates with a great deal of experience providing representation for all types of criminal and traffic offences including sexual assault, common assault, murder, manslaughter, drug offences, theft and driving charges.

If you need representation for your upcoming criminal matter, then please call us immediately on (07) 3188 5626. The sooner you get legal representation for your case the better the possible outcome will be. Get in touch online if you do not wish to call and we will get straight back to you.